Oprah Tweets about Microsoft Surface – Social Marketing #FAIL!

Last night I was surfing Undrip and came across a post title that I just had to click on “Oprah Tweets Her Love For Microsoft Surface Using An iPad” – you can’t blame me the words Oprah, Tweets, Microsoft, and iPad all in once sentence are very intriguing if not laughable.

The TechCrunch article talks about a recent tweet that Oprah made that reads

Gotta say love that SURFACE! Have bought 12 already for Christmas gifts. #FavoriteThings

According to this post the Surface is 1 of 48 in her list of favorite things. The post author goes on to talk about how much money, 1.8 billion dollars, Microsoft has spent so far on celebrity endorsements for Windows 8 and the Surface – not surprising.

After a lengthy introduction the author finally gets to main topic for this post, and I quote;

 “Oprah’s tweet is a good opportunity to examine the state of the Twitter apps for Windows RT” 

Really? That’s what this tweet reveals? Windows needs better Twitter apps?

Let’s take a look at the headline of the post again “Oprah Tweets Her Love For Microsoft Surface Using An iPad” and below is pic from the article

I think what Windows, rather Microsoft needs, is better celebrity endorsers!

Wether Oprah tweeted this herself or uses a marketing and social media agency this is an obvious no no and massive failure! How can you responsibly endorse a product from a competitors platform? I think a WTF is on order here.

I also think that TechCrunch totally missed the buck here by using a headline like that and turning it into a plea for better Twitter apps on Windows and a obvious cheap shot at Twitter with it’s new token regulations. Granted, there is a need for better apps on Surface and yes Twitter token regulations are strict and potentially unfair, but it sounds to me like TechCrunch is endorsing Windows and trying spin an obvious marketing and social media #FAIL into something insignificant.

This kind of thing should not happen today!

There are enough educated individuals, agencies, firms, etc in the industry that simple social marketing tactics like this should not fail to execute and well basically SUCK!

If I put my business owner hat on for a second – the hard reality here is that x amount of dollars was just wasted to show that our competitor has a more useful product.

Don’t let this happen to your brand, I’m begging you! Work with people you can trust and who have your back – this could’ve been prevented if it had been vetted appropriately.

I’ll end with an old adage – success is in the details!

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