Stop Auto Posting Facebook Statuses to Twitter – it’s Annoying and Will Cost You Followers!

fbtotwitterI realize that this may be old news, but PEOPLE ARE STILL DOING IT!!!

I beg you to STOP before its to late and you loose all you social cred … I’ll make this rant quick.

This is why

Facebook and Twitter have made it really easy to connect and share data, but don’t be fooled. Just because you can share your data doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

Facebook and Twitter are two very different social networks with two distinct sets of etiquette. What is accepted on netwrok may not fly on another. It’s very tempting at first to want to tweet all your Facebook status updates, however your Twitter followers may not appreciate it.

We’ve all fallen into this trap at some point “Oh hey I can tweet everything from Facebook and kill two birds with one stone”, the problem is there is a reason that someone may follow you on both networks, they are expecting different content. Why would someone follow you on Facebook and Twitter if you’re just regurgitating content? That’s a great way to loose followers.

However there are bigger issues, yes there are bigger issues than be annoying, the content you post on Facebook is not appropriate on Twitter for a few reasons:

  • Twitter only allows 140 characters. This means you need to be clever about how you get your message out. Facebook has a much larger character limit for it’s updates so when you post to Twitter the content gets shortened and may end up being incoherent.
  • Facebook doesn’t use # (hashtags) to categorize keywords and topics so when posting your Facebook updates to Twitter it makes it difficult for that content to be found and shared.
  • Facebook recently added mentions (similar to Twitter), the ability to tag or @ a member on Facebook in any update. Twitter uses @ mentions as well, however usernames are not always the same and Facebook does not add the @ symbol next to the member or page being tagged so when you post this update to Twitter it will not notify that user that they have been mentioned and it will look weird with the Facebook member tag.

Bottom line – it’s bad for business!

Some good advice

Twitter is a high volume network where users tweet an average of 10+ times a day. Which makes it difficult to gain and keep followers if your content has no value, is difficult to read, or simply not interesting. Unlike Facebook, any random user can find and follow you, so make the best of it with each and every tweet.

The average Facebook user updates there status 2 times a day. Facebook updates are not restricted to 140 characters. Your followers are friends and expect you to treat each update with care out of respect for that friendship – don’t spam and post useless content.

Do’s and don’ts:

  • Create unique content for each network. Consider creating a content calendar for each of your social channels including your blog.
  • When syndicating content across all your channels consider – at the very least – using different wording – nobody follows lazy content creators.
  • We’ve shown you why not to post Facebook updates to Twitter – the reverse is equally as damaging. Flooding your Facebook timeline with random tweets is SPAM!
  • As a Facebook page or group owner and Twitter user treat your timeline with respect, unnecessary content can do damage to your brand or personal image. Remember, you need to earn each and every fan or follower.

Remember an “unlike” or “unfollow” is only a click away …

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