10 Fun and Useful Ipsum’s!

10 Fun and Useful Ipsum’s!

I don’t care what anybody says, ipsum always comes in handy, but who wants the same old boring lorem? So, when I’m working on a  project I look for fun, sometimes relevant, alternatives. Here are 10 I love using.

Chuck Norris http://chuckipsum.com
Bacon http://baconipsum.com
Sagan http://saganipsum.com
Samuel L. Jackson http://slipsum.com
Bogan – Aussie slang’s! http://boganipsum.com
Tuna http://tunaipsum.com
Beer http://beeripsum.com
Liquor http://liquoripsum.com
Gangsta http://www.lorizzle.nl
Hipster http://hipsteripsum.me


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