The Best and Worst of Super Bowl XLVII Ads

Super Bowl is a monumental occasion for marketers – millions of dollars and 1000’s of hours our spent during the year in preparation for Super Bowl commercials, products, etc.

However, not all Super Bowl commercials are created equally. No matter how much time and money you throw at a campaign it doesn’t mean it will be successful!

Let’s take a look at our favourite Super Bowl XLVII commercials and why.

Perfect Match – Bar Refaeli’s Big Kiss! | Official Commercial

Why this is our favourite commercial: The fact is sex sells! This is a clever ad, maybe not so original, but it leverages “sex sells” in a humorous way. More importantly it makes geeks look cool – which is not an easy task! Unlike most commercials I actually remember this one. It’s not just the “have you seen that commercial where Bar Refaeli kisses some geek”, it’s the “have you seen that new commercial where Bar Refaeli kisses some geek”.

Let’s take a look at our least favourite Super Bowl XLVII commercial and why.

Samsung Mobile USA – The Next Big Thing Extended Pitch

Why this is our least favourite commercial: Don’t get me wrong both Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd, more so Seth, are funny guys and work well together however I found the jokes in this commercial very contrived and well, not so funny. The commercial tends to just drag on with no real point. You’d think for 15 million dollars they could’ve put together a way better commercial, obviously their entire budget went to paying the actors, including a cameo from LeBron James – really, does everyone need to jump on his band wagon?

If you ask me this commercial is the next BIG suck!

You be the judge.

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