Brendan Sera-Shriar CCO of Brendan & Brendan Speaking at SEO Camp Montreal May 31st 2013


We didn’t start the fire, we’re just adding fuel to it! 

We believe the term SEO is Dead! At least in its traditional sense. We all know content is king and marketing plays a HUGE roll in that area.

That being said, we jumped at the opportunity to discuss this at SEO Camp Montreal and shine a new light on what SEO really means.

The title of presentation is SEO is Dead. Long Live SEO 🙂 

Presentation description:

What does a creative marketing agency know about SEO? A prospective client mentioned during a conversation that they were planning to hire a full-time SEO expert. We told them it was a bad idea, and that their money would be better spent on someone who can manage the content that ensures great SEO. Whether or not the battle lines are clear, there’s a strong case to be made that good SEO is today simply a by-product of good marketing. Brendan & Brendan will walk into a den of lions with red meat in their hands – a lively and provocative talk is guaranteed.

We hope to see you there! Go sign up and join the great SEO debate of 2013, at least it will be after we’re done!

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