A Strong Management Team is Like Family

So you run your own company. Business is good and you’re in the process of refreshing your web presence, doing some marketing, or maybe working on a campaign or two. It’s February, Montreal, -30c, and your wife wants to go down south for a week with the family to get out of the cold. Why not. You deserve it. After all business is good.

So you pack your bags and head to the land of sun and palm trees for a week. It’s day 2 of your vacation and your sitting on the beach enjoying a margarita, your wife is sun bathing and the kids are playing in the sand.

Back in the land of snow and ice your partners are dealing with multiple service providers who need sign offs on project milestones, payments for services, and so on. The problem – even though you trust your partners they don’t have signing authority and can’t pay anyone. So instead of getting projects done your business is beginning to unravel while you listen to the ocean breeze.

Sound familiar? Maybe you haven’t taken any extravagant vacations recently but this is a story we hear way too often and as services providers have been on the wrong end of the stick.

The management team, the founders, the partners, or what ever you call yourselves NEED to function as a family! You have to trust each other enough to allow each individual the power to make decisions for the business. The company can’t come to a grinding halt because you’re on vacation. What if you’re sick, or even worse? A company needs to function with or without all the key people involved. Your customers, your service providers, and your staff depend on it.

If you can’t trust the people you’re working with you shouldn’t have founded a business with them.

I trust my partners to run the business if I’m not there, and they trust me. Are you running your business as a lone wolf or working with a family?

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