Content is King, but Too Much Will Kill You!

It’s all about moderation, or in this case writing to your demographic.

This is a common mistake we see all the time. Great functioning site, beautiful design, and way to much content. It’s not easy writing content for a website, it’s what we do at Brendan & Brendan, so we know how daunting and difficult a task it can be.

The content on your site needs to tell your story and give the user a reason to be interested enough to reach out or purchase on the spot. Today, most users on the web don’t read sites, they skim. Which is fine, I do it too. Honestly, I don’t need to read a novel on your product or service, I just want to understand the key points in an easily digestible format that will help me make my decision quickly. Remember, your site is not the only one your prospects are visiting.

A recent study by Adobe found that the average consumer spends around 8 to 12 minutes on media & entertainment sites, which is no surprise, considering Adobe also found that sites with rich media like video boosted time spent on site. People don’t read!

Most surprising is retail with an average time spent of 7.51 minutes. Consumers are savvy. If you’re selling retail items online you must get to the point quick with simple copy and bright imagery – otherwise the consumer ain’t buying it when there are 1000’s of other options out there!

Take look at his graph below – pretty interesting.

Content is king if it’s concise. The key to writing good web content is always keeping your audience in mind. Write to your demographic. Dont treat them like fools. Yes, you need to educate them on your products and services, but there’s no need to go overboard on content if you’re not discussing anything new. I’ll give you a basic example.

IT company – ok, so you’re an IT company offering the basic services most IT companies have plus a few services unique to your company. Your demographic consists of IT professionals who are either consulting for their clients and sourcing services or their in-house and their CEO or VP has asked them to source services. Either way, the person coming to your site is already educated, they understand the terminology, and just want simple straight forward answers to their questions – services offered and cost.

In your service section or page you list all your services. Each service is a link. Each link opens another page with a similar opening description followed by what the service is, how it works, etc. This is normal. However, does it really need to be another page? Do you really need to write multiple paragraphs on each service? No you don’t! Why? Because, and I say this with all due respect, nobody cares! What the consumer needs is a simple graphic that explains the service, maybe a short video that wraps all services up in an easy to understand way, or brief sentences with key points. Make every opportunity to explain something a Call To Action!

If you must, and sometimes you do, need to further explain key points consider moving this content to educational blog posts, documentation, Q & A’s, or forum threads for support. You can also simply ask consumers to contact you for more information, this is a great way to qualify your leads, if they’re not really interested chances are they won’t spend the time to fill in the form. If you really, really, really have to further explain a key point add a “learn more” button. Just make sure you keep it brief on any page where the consumer makes a buying decision.

2 thoughts on “Content is King, but Too Much Will Kill You!

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