Not Another Roundup :(

Is anyone else tired of “7 ways to do this or 10 tips on that” etc?

Writing a roundup takes little or no skills, it’s regurgitation of content and completely un-original. Yes I said it!

Tips, tricks, and tutorials can be valuable content on your blog and it’s great for SEO juice but if your going to write a post like this then actually spend the time to write it. Do some research. Validate your points. Make it interesting. Don’t cop out by writing brief sentences in a list of 20 because you couldn’t decide what you wanted to write about.

Maybe I’m being harsh, but I’m saying what most people are thinking – enough is enough! I can spend hours surfing the web skimming through hundreds of roundups just looking for an answer, insight, something that makes me feel like it was time well spent and that I actually gained some knowledge.

I’ll continue my rant …

What really irks me is when popular topics get blogged about over and over again by authors jumping on the SEO bandwagon:

10 great tips for Google Glass owners

Here are 10 things you may not have known about Google Glass

10 things you need to know about Google Glass

I think you get the point.

The next time you begin writing a roundup post, consider how much great content you will have if you break it out into multiple posts. Plus the added benefit of giving your readers a reason to come back again.

2 thoughts on “Not Another Roundup :(

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