Introducing HappyBox


Good Things Come in HappyBoxes

If you’re tuned into this channel or a devotee of the local Montreal meetup scene you may have heard the whispers, shouts and murmurs about HappyBox. If not, look for your official invitation though Brendan & Brendan on Facebook or Twitter. To Sum up, the next month is going to be a biggie!

For our purposes today, we are proud to announce that Brendan & Brendan has been officially named the exclusive marketing partner for HappyBox, a Montreal-based tech startup. Beyond helping HappyBox go to market, we are also invested in HappyBox as advisors, mentors, and co-founders – yes that’s a lot of hats to wear, but we wear them well!

What is HappyBox?

HappyBox is a fully responsive cloud-based microsite engine. You can instantly create stunning pages in a live previewdrag and drop environment!

Over the past few months we have been helping advise co-founders Guillaume Lagacé and Danny Coulombe with their marketing strategy, business model, product development, company structure, staffing, and their pitch deck. While helping the boys get up and running we fell in love with their product and meshed with the team exceptionally well that we decided to “marry” the company.

3+ months, 1000s of lines of code, 100s of mockups, a handful of logos, later and we are nearly ready to launch, with a fantastic beta product to be unveiled to the world July 14th 2013!

But wait, there’s more!

We have successfully raised our first seed fund (undisclosed denomination as per our donor) through the Fondation Montreal Inc. We are proud to be part of their family and look forward to all the success it will bring.

*An official press release and media kit will be available soon.

Leading up to our beta launch and over the next few months we will be very busy putting together an official landing page for pre-launch registrations, organizing our launch party, coding, coding, and more coding, staffing up, getting our pitch ready for series a funding, and pretty much anything else you can imagine if you’ve ever been involved with a startup before.

That being said, make sure to bookmark and keep checking in for updates and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about our product, the team, and our culture.


Fondation Montreal Inc.

The Fondation Montréal inc. is a non-profit, apolitical organization with a mission to encourage the success of a new generation of promising Montréal entrepreneurs, in concert with a committed and united business community.

Thanks to the generosity of its donors, the Foundation is able to offer grants to facilitate the start-up of new businesses in Montreal. Once they have been awarded a grant, the entrepreneurs have the privilege of being provided with advice from experienced business people and experts who enable their company to experience the success they are striving for.

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