What We Say Around the Office

I hear the Brendans repeat the same sayings every day if not in every conversation (and we have many!) so naturally myself and the other parties at the Loft 266 started imitating them. Is it mean? No, it’s really fun! Do they take offense? No, they just goad me with more sayings. It got me thinking that we all have little sayings that make us unique. Here are the top ones from our team. What are yours?

brendan-cowBrendan (the Poet)

“At the end of the day”

“The fact of the matter is”

“You’re wrong, and here’s why”


“Heads will roll people”

brendan-thinkingBrendan (the Saint)

“Listen here, DollFace”

“The thin edge of the wedge is…”

“In a not so little big way”

“C’est Bombsville”

“Music roll: baddabingbabodiddiddidoop”

Beth (the coo)

As for me, I don’t need words to express myself! πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “What We Say Around the Office

  1. Tullycaster

    I hate to draw your attention to this but “you’re missing the point!”. This is a deeply postmodern comment.


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