Fun Friday Post – Our Favourite Po-foods!

We all have favourite po-foods we love and eat in secret, so we decided since it’s #FreeFoodFridays at the office today we’d let you in on our favourite po-food recipes.

Po Shepard’s Pie – Beth 

In a casserole dish layer mash potatoes. Then lay sliced hot dogs horizontally on top. Cover with Kraft singles. Bake for 30mins at 350F.

*Optional – add crushed Corn Flakes on top.

 I also love to dip my toast in chocolate milk 🙂 – Beth

Trailer Park Mac’n’Cheese – The Poet

Boil spaghetti until it is almost mushy. Drain pasta and add 4 heaping spoons of cheese whiz. Mix ’till cheese is melted an gooey. Add chopped hot dogs.

*optional – add a dollop of sour cream on top

I also love cottage cheese on toast with pepper – Brendan

Ice Cream and Corn Flakes – The Saint

In a large bowl add two giant scoops of your favourite Ice Cream, I prefer chocolate, and let it sit on the counter until it’s almost creamy. Grab a handful of corn flakes and crush on top.

*optional – add some peanuts

I also love peanut butter on premium plus crackers – Brendan

What’s your favourite po-food?

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