HubSpot’s Killer Unsubscribe Video

The most pleasant unsubscribe experience I’ve had.

Like most marketers, I love HubSpot. They are the resource for inbound marketing. I highly recommend their content. I am however a victim of too many newsletters in my inbox so I unsubscribed from HubSpot simply because I prefer to go to their blog during my weekly roundup. I am happy that I did because HubSpot has impressed me yet again with their witty and avant garde marketing. Have a look at this roughly 40 second video by Matthew Wainwright. It is:

1. Hilarious.

2. Inviting.

3. Clever. HubSpot subtly encourages me not subscribe back to the newsletter I just expressly unsubscribed from, but rather follow their content on another stream (FB, twitter, LinkedIn or G+).

Brillant! Hey Matthew, how are the conversion on this page? It worked on me 🙂

HubSpot UnSubscribe Video

HubSpot UnSubscribe Video

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