Fun Friday Post – 5 Fun Things You Can Do With GIANT Brendan & Brendan Stickers

Our good friends at Pub De Quartier helped us print the biggest stickers we could – why not? Since WordCamp Montreal, where we first unveiled these monstrous stickers people have asked why? Well, we’re glad you ask. Here are 5 ways we use our GIANT stickers.

photo 2Make a Crown

Every king needs a crown mine just happens to be a GIANT Brendan & Brendan sticker.






photoFix a Leak

Our loft is old and old lofts leak. Good thing for us we have GIANT Brendan & Brendan stickers to fix any nasty water infiltration.





photo 5Save Your Expensive Apple Keyboard From Dust

It’s amazing how much dust a keyboard can collect. Our GIANT Stickers fit the exact width and height of a standard Apple keyboard, no more dust for us!



photo 4Make a Connection

The team at HappyBox were more than happy to demonstrate how they make a marketing circuit with our unique electro static GIANT stickers.





photo 6Sticker Bomb a Random Car

We don’t advise that you do this, however we had fun sticker bombing cars with our GIANT stickers, everyone needs a little Brendan & Brendan love!




We’d love to see what you’re doing with you GIANT Brendan & Brendan stickers. Don’t have one? No worries, come by the loft and grab a sticker any time 🙂

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