The Coca Cola Happiness Machine Viral Video

Viral videos of dancing babies, cats playing pianos, people pulling of crazy stunts like planking and countless others have been a huge part of the web pretty much since the beginning. With so many ways to share content on the web today it’s become a natural reaction to do so when you like something. Now, brands finally realize the potential of a viral video and social media has became an integral part of any campaign.

Some brands realized an even greater potential to viral videos and have began creating video specifically designed to watch online. Without the 30s restriction of TV they can produce longer videos for less cost, with more humour, they can be edgier and create content that would not be acceptable on regular TV.

Here’s a perfect perfect example of a brand that gets it – Coca Cola. In this video “The Coca Cola Happiness Machine” a hidden camera records a a special Coca Cola machine that dispense free bottles of Coca Cola, flowers, balloon animals, a pizza, and even a foot-long sub to students in a university cafeteria.

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