We’re Moving On Up!

staff-smIt started with a simple idea – Business is Social, Let us Enhance It!

Quickly Brendan and I realized our business was moving in another direction. As we grew our client roster and team we soon adopted a new war cry – Agencies are Broken! With this in mind our mission was clear, Keep Marketing Funย for our clients, our fans, and the Brendan & Brendan family. If you’ve had the opportunity to meet anyone from our team or seen us in action at an event you’ve experienced the FUN!

Like most startups, and though we are a service provider we are still very much living the the startup life, we grew our business with the help and support of friends and family. Our humble beginnings comprised of a laptop and table at our local coffee shop. Our extended network of friends online led us to The Loft 266.

The Loft 266 helped water the seeds we already planted by enabling us to grow Brendan & Brendan on a tight budget. Surrounded by good people, good food, and good vibes Brendan and I discovered our true calling. What originally started as a partnership has now turned into a family of 14 including the addition of our third partner, Beth Thouin, and helping co-found, invest in, and advise one of Montreal’s hottest startups: HappyBoxCMS.

Time to spread our wings photo 2

With our new found success it was time to fly the coop. We simply out grew the loft. We wandered the streets of Old Port looking for the perfect spot to call home and after a few weeks we found it – 445 Saint Pierre right above the infamous Titanic restaurant.

Many have noted over the past few months how quickly we’ve grown. Is is too fast? Maybe. But does it feel right? Definitely! What I can say is that we are all tremendously proud of where we are and where we’re going.

We invite you to drop by the new space anytime you want, hang out and grab a coffee with us.

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