Fun Friday Post – Ahab Comes to Montreal!

Let me introduce you to Captain Ahab!


I had the opportunity to meet Ahab at New York ComicCon 2011 and we have been friends ever since. Ahab and his master, Geeg Wiles the man behind these adventures, have travelled extensively over the past 11 years breaking the ice with strangers and having excellent adventures from whitewater rafting to jumping out of planes. Ahab has done more in 11 years than most will ever do in lifetime.

If you have been fortunate enough to meet the man (sorta) we now call Captain Ahab thus far in his travels, you know he is an amazing icebreaker. He has this energy about him that causes big smiles and bigger laughs which lead to questions and friendships. –

When I received a Facebook message last week from Ahab letting me know he was coming to Montreal, I knew we had to have him drop by our new space and give him a proper tour of the Old Port.

We hope Ahab comes back soon and we can go on another adventure.

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