Brands That Get It!

Not the same old boring advertising.

Believe it or not, good marketing is not so easy to find today. A lot of agencies are just regurgitating the same old crap they’ve been producing for years. It’s not entirely their fault. The agencies are not alone. Brands play a big part in the downward spiral of bad marketing that plagues TV, radio, print and online advertising.

It takes two!

Good marketing requires a balance of art and science. The artists needs to be capable of good preferably excellent copy writing, a solid comprehension of visual media like photography, video, graphic design, typography, etc, an understanding of social media and community building, and a knack for communicating with people on all levels, whether via blogs, emails, or in person. The scientist needs to understanding logic and of course those ever important numbers. Art can’t be successful if it can’t be monitored, analyzed, and reported on.

I came across this really great infographic (left) that sums up the modern marketer.

Brand education

Ideas are great. Execution is a whole other story. Anyone who works with clients understands the pain of coming up with great ideas that never make it beyond your notebook. The first step to successful marketing is getting your client, the brand, to understand not only the short term ROI of your ideas but the long term benefits they can gain from positioning themselves as a brand that gets it!

I said it takes two! Brands need to be willing to listen to their customers. They need to be ready to change their point of view to meet customers more than half way and redefine how they tell their story. Next, and this is super important. They need to focus more on their customer than the product. Yes, I know how hard that is for brands to digest, but its true. Products rarely sell themselves today. There’s just too much competition and consumers are more savvy and expectant than ever.

Here are a few brands, that in our opinion really get it! Their marketing is spot on and completely focused on their customer and not so much the product – meaning they really get who they are selling to.

MiO Sport

Axe Apollo

Red Bull


Oreo Cookies

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