Derp! A Short Guide To The Client Soft Poke

One of the worst kinds of shame is the experience of being publicly outed for appearing – how can we put it nicely – “not so well sharpened”?

As we navigate the sometimes difficult waters of technology and social media, sharks and depth charges abound, and that may explain why a lot of people are fearful of even dipping their feet; especially for generations who haven’t been immersed in it their entire lives.

But regardless of our decade of origin, we’ve all been in that squirm-worthy spot of being revealed as somehow, less than cool, savvy or hip.

Our question today is this. Is there a nice, kind and/or inoffensive way to point out these occasional gaps in “getting it” such that the transgressor doesn’t melt into puddle of embarrassment?

A brief message to our current and prospective clients: None of these posters were produced by us, we haven’t heard these statements from “our” clients before and no clients were harmed in this post.

So without further ado, and thanks to for the inspiration, here’s a nice collection of soft pokes at clients who may have occasionally lapsed into “clue lacking” territory.

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