Big Story Little Heroes – The Worlds Largest Live Team Adventure on Facebook!


Bring your inner hero to life and battle it out with your friends on Facebook.

A hero is born! Warriors, wizards, priests, archers – your epic adventure begins as you build your hero. What powers, special skills and style will you bring to your character and brigade? From fireballs and freezing spells to a rain of poisoned arrows, the little heroes in this big story can do it all. Here’s your chance to get your hero on.

What more could you want? We were pretty excited when the founders of Vandal Games, Thanh, Vince and Van, walked into our offices seeking marketing help with their super popular Facebook game Big Story Little Heroes.

The gamer in me couldn’t resist, I had to, no wait, I needed to be a part of this project at some capacity and luckily for me they were equally excited to have Brendan & Brendan aid in their marketing efforts.

The objective:

We had many objectives with this project. Initially we were contracted to help them build their marketing strategy which included advertising, social, pr, etc. Very quickly the project morphed into something greater. Not only were we tasked with the above we also did their web copy and designed and developed their new website for the game.

The challenge:

Other than timing, the only real challenge was being able to ensure that our web copy and design lived up to the awesomeness of Big Story Little Heroes!


Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 3.32.42 PMWe developed the site using ZURB’s lightweight Foundation framework. Thinking mobile first, we ensured that the site is fully responsive for the ultimate experience on any device or screen. Taking Foundation to the next level we built the site in Saas and added a layer of animation to add to the user experience – after all it is a gaming site!

Check it out and tell us what you think?

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