Keep Marketing Fun 101 Workshop – Back by Popular Demand!

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Back by popular demand!

Come learn from experts on how you can easily inject basic marketing strategies into your business plan from day 1.

This past summer Brendan & Brendan hosted a fringe event for the International Startup Festival – Startup Marketing 101. The event was a success with over 100 tickets sold and an after party that attendees are still talking about. Since this event we have had tons of requests for an encore.

So here it is!

We’ve decided to put together an intense and FUN 3hr workshop covering the original topics: Customer Validation & Acquisition, Building Brand Narrative, and Community Management & Building in more detail geared to a broader range of “students” – whether your an entrepreneur, startup, or a brand – we got you covered.

Seats are limited and early bird pricing ends Oct 10th so register now!

What you’ll learn

Customer Validation & Acquisition

Don’t need customer validation? Think again! Beth Thouin will walk through, in detail, what customer validation is, how to choose your customer segments and how to validate your problem/solution fit with them. Beth will outline a scientific approach to gathering and measuring validation as well as the tools you need to set up unbiased questionnaires and a mini pop quiz that will help you assess if you are asking the right questions in your validation process.

Building Brand Narrative

So what’s your story? For existing and emerging next-generation brands, there’s never been more opportunity to leverage the power of their brand story – if only they knew how. Your brand story will outlive any advertising or promotional campaign. Brand storytelling is not a tagline, ad campaign, media strategy, copywriting, marketing communications, or visual images. It’s a narrative that guides the relationship between a growing brand and its audiences. Brendan Tullly Walsh will walk through all the necessary steps involved in learning to understand what your narrative is and what’s involved in building it.

Community Management & Building

Is anybody out there? No matter what stage your online community is in, there are basics of community management to be followed. Building communities takes patience. Communities are fragile and need to be nurtured. If you follow some very basic steps you can build a loyal following that can increase brand equity and business growth. Brendan Sera-Shriar will carefully outline all the necessary methods, tools, and steps involved in building a community from the ground up. He will also demonstrate how to increase the visibility, engagement and growth of your current community. Once the seeds have been planted you need to water it. Brendan will show you how to manage your community for sustainability.

Excited? You should be! Seats are limited and early bird pricing ends Oct 10th so register now! If you missed the last event make sure to check out the blog recap and video.

Hope to see you all there!

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