Video of the Week – Blogger Films His Own Brain Surgery!

Can we really say “I thought I’d seen it all!”

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 9.04.07 AMIt’s rather unlikely that you’ll ever see it all on the web today. Bloggers, vloggers and anyone with a social following are constantly changing the face of online media and pushing the boundaries of popular content.

Charles Trippy, a 29-year-old blogger and YouTube celeb with over a million subscribers on his YouTube channel CTFxC a.k.a. Internet Killed TV, recently filmed his own brain surgery taking his vlogging to the next level – no one has ever filmed and posted their own surgery on YouTube before. Prior to his surgery, news reached YouTube HQ and they contacted Charles only saying “We can’t believe you’re doing this, it’s nuts, but awesome!” – or something along those lines. Charles was drugged up and on the operating table when he relayed the story on camera.

Charles lives in Tampa Bay, Florida with his wife Ali, and the duo have been producing videos EVERY DAY on YouTube for the past 5 years! They currently hold the Guinness Book of World Records Record for the highest number of consecutive days uploading videos to YouTube. Their entries are said to have been watched more than 403,700,000 times.

When doctors discovered that Charles had a brain tumor he didn’t let it get him down – he decided to film the surgery for his fans – now that’s dedication! 

His video “Man films own brain surgery” has currently been viewed over a million times and has over 75 thousand likes – what does this say about his fandom?

Filming your own brain surgery is pretty amazing what’s impressive is that he was awake for the duration of the surgery cracking jokes and giving the thumbs up. Since this video, his wife has created a daily video diary of his recovery.

It’s an exciting, creative time

Granted, the majority of videos on YouTube are animals doing dumb things, people doing dumb things, random remixes of dumb things, and a whole lot of why am I watching this weird shit. That being said, there has been a notable shift in what constitutes popular content over the years and YouTube is producing a crop of rising stars. Not long ago I posted about “What does it take to become a YouTube star” – a mini documentary on one of YouTube’s hottest celebs PewDiePie. He’s not alone.

If you’re a YouTube celeb you’ve earned the right to become a YouTube Partner. YouTube partners can earn money not just on clicks but comments and likes. The top 10 YouTube partners, not brands, are all profiting over $100,000/yr and the top grossing partner, Shane Dawson, is making an estimated $315,000/yr. These numbers may seam low in comparison to Hollywood – if you’re comparing these YouTube celebs to “A List” actors averaging over 10 million per film. However, according to the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), the actor’s union, its average member working in film makes only about $52,000 a year.

We all know that online media is in constant flux and YouTube celebs are a big part of this dynamic. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “The audience demands more today and what they want needs to be different, unique, and insane!”

What are your thoughts on Charles’ decision to film his own brain surgery? Is this simple shock value content or a new growing trend in “online TV”? Finally, do you consider these YouTube celebs real celebs?

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