Video of the Week – Announcing the first-ever YouTube Music Awards!

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 12.49.18 PM

Late last night YouTube announced it will be live broadcasting from New York YouTube’s first ever YouTube Music Awards with live performances from Lady Gaga, Eminem, Arcade Fire and more. This global event will air live on YouTube November 3rd.

After 8 years of curating video content on a global scale, YouTube has recently started to recognize its numerous celebrated members through live broadcasts of comedy shows, concerts, and geek week. I’ve posted a lot recently about the ever changing face of online media and the growing numbers of YouTube celebrities. So this comes as no surprise!

This is what Chelsea Maughan, a YouTube spokeswoman told Mashable:

“Music is a huge part of what YouTube is and what YouTube has become to music fans around the world. The YouTube Music Awards represent the next step in terms of celebrating how big music is on YouTube.”

YouTube will be driving its nominations from user data and users will vote for the winners – kinda like MTV’s viewers choice awards. Why is this important? Because YouTube is not just a hub for video content it’s a hub for user generated video content, the largest social network of its kind. Good communities support their members and give them a voice, YouTube is doing exactly this! In fact the tagline for this event is “Entirely built by you”.

The live broadcast will not only feature mainstream stars. Musicians who have built significant followings on YouTube such as Lindsey Sterling a.k.a. LindseyStomp who has close to 3.2 millions subscribers.

Check out the official announcement

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