Video of the Week – DollarShaveClub, Our Blades are F**king Great!

This hilarious spot for razor blades is simple, yet sharp!

By now I’m sure you’re aware of that suave guy from L.A.-based incubator Science who raised $1 million dollars with a parody video ad on YouTube last year – after all their blades are f**king great!

Michael Dubin, founder and CEO of Dollar Shave Club, wrote this spot last October and shot it with his good friend and co-director, Lucia Aniello. It cost around $4,500 and the team managed to bang it out in a single day.

So why is this the “Video of the Week”? Even though it’s old news it’s still brilliant and recently led to another raise of over $9 million dollars! It also made the difficult transition from YouTube video to on air TV spot – yes, it’s a “real” commercial now!

A few nights ago I was chilling out in front of the boob tube and to my surprise the DSC YouTube video came on during the commercial break. It’s common to see TV ads on YouTube but when videos on YouTube go “viral”, currently this video has almost 12 million views, they rarely break the barrier of on air TV spots – but then again, that’s the point of YouTube – and if they do the message and content is usually modified.

I think it’s pretty cool that Dubin has stayed true to himself and his product and made the decision to air this spot on TV. With that in mind I was inspired to re-visit this startup video “classic” here on the blog.

What can we learn from this video? Don’t take yourselves and your product so seriously. Have fun with it and your potential customers will likely pay more attention to you!

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