I Found My Apartment on Facebook, How Do You Use it?

Believe it or not, Facebook is nine years old now. And even though it’s declining with teenagers, it’s really grown to meet the needs of the communities within it.

Does anyone remember the original Facebook Marketplace? It was a feature in the early years that now exists in app form, but most people I know don’t bother with it: instead users share statuses on their timelines or in specific groups.

I have shared job offers, useful information, important personal and international news through this network. I have even found out  information about clients and their projects which has better helped me serve their needs through Facebook (hey guys – you friended me, don’t act like it’s a big secret).

Facebook is pretty useful in the sense that it’s an extension of your personal and probably also professional network in a way that you can see and track the results. Which means it’s very easy to vet people and consider all kinds of options that used to only be available to us after calling all kinds of friends and family.

I just moved at the beginning of the month. How did I find my apartment? On Facebook through a local group where members posted apartments that were for rent. How did my roommate determine that I would be an ok person to live with? We have mutual friends. I also have friends who got their pets on Facebook, have made appointments through recommendations for dentists, doctors, and accountants. I’ve even given job referrals to others for friends I have worked with.

Facebook is how I keep in touch with my closest girlfriends who don’t all have smartphones, but who for some reason have Facebook on their phones (thank you group chat!). We lead pretty busy opposite lives and this helps us stay up-to-date regularly.

While I do think it’s a bit of a scourge on my personal life, and frustrating not to have total control over my own contacts’ information, it has definitely helped me out socially.

I’m not the most outgoing person, and I have plenty of family all over the world. The nicest part of Facebook for me, has been the ability to keep tabs on all of the people I care about even if I don’t get to talk with them regularly. So Facebook keeps me “in touch” even if I’m not really in touch.

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Leila Nathaniel is a project manager extraordinaire who wants to be reincarnated as a cell in a spreadsheet. She makes a lot of lists and keeps everything running at Horse & Cart Agency in Swiss-style precision. Leila takes pride in managing many of their projects, accounts and even the office. With extensive PR, copywriting, social media and event management experience, she's no one-trick pony.

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