Fun Friday Post – Our First “Snowball” Fight of the Season!

OK, it wasn’t really a snowball fight. It was a “throw some ice in your colleagues’ face fight” and it was still fun!

A few days ago the team decided to take advantage of a large pile of icy snow leftover in the lot across the street from our office that was used to shoot a winter commercial in the Old Port of Montreal. It was no “Guerre des Tuques” but it was a lot of fun to get out there and relive our youth with flying chunks of ice in each others faces – yes, someone got an iceberg to the face, she shall remain nameless…

Let’s take a look at the replay

… and here’s a few pics …

We challenge you Montreal!

So here’s the deal. Across the street from our office is an abandoned lot we have playfully dubbed “Moniba’s Park”, mostly because she has a devious plan to occupy it and turn it in to a Garden of Eden, but in the meantime we thought what better way to “share the winter love” than to challenge some industry folk; freelancers, startups, agencies, clients, and anyone with the “snow balls” to take on the Winter Arena of Madness!

What is the Winter Arena of Madness you ask? When Montreal has its first major snow fall we challenge you to join us in “Moniba’s Park” for the snowball fight of the century. Yes, we want you! Keep watching the blog and following us on Facebook and Twitter for more info.

What’s at stake? Your pride, your passion, and the opportunity to make your competition eat snow!

What say you?

In the meantime I’m going to spend the rest of my Friday afternoon sipping hot cocoa with marshmallows while reminiscing about those cold winter days I spent in my youth building snow forts, making snow angels, and of course having snowball fights – mentally preparing myself for the madness that ensues!

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