Video of the Week – 7 Years of Brilliant “Will it Blend?” Videos by Blendtec

7 years, 120-plus videos, and over 200 million views, ‘Will it Blend?’ is arguably the number one viral marketing campaign of all time!

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 8.25.50 PMBack in September of 2010 reported that Visible Measures named the “Will it Blend?” series of videos the No. 1 viral campaign of all time.

Blendtec is a manufacturer of professional blenders and mixers, they’re not connected to a big, well-heeled brand or fancy creative agency. Yet their series of “Will it Blend?” videos have earned hundreds of millions of views and consistently deliver big laughs.

The genius behind this series is CEO Tom Dickson whose cool, gimmicky videos have expanded his brand into pure (shall we say?) AWESOMENESS, that reaches well beyond the boundaries of YouTube. And, says Dickson in an interview with AdAge, it all happened quite incidentally.

“‘Will it Blend?’ was developed accidentally by a new marketing director hired in 2006. I have always been one to try to break my blenders to find their fail points and determine how I can improve them. George, the new marketing director, discovered some of the wacky things I was doing to my blenders … With a $50 budget, George bought a Happy Meal, a rotisserie chicken, Coke cans, golf balls, and a few other items, and they made five videos. Six days later, we had six million views on YouTube. Six years, 120-plus videos, almost 200 million views later, ‘Will it Blend?’ has been named as the number one viral marketing campaign of all time.”

I’ve been watching these videos for years and it’s clear to me, that their success stems from a simple format: same kitschy music, tagline and host, Blendtec CEO Tom Dickson, and one great concept. Every video begins with the question – Will it Blend? The videos are low budget and product-focused. The message is always clear and presented in a way that gives this brand a unique personality that has garnered them millions of views on almost every video they have produced. They found what works and stuck with it. Blendtec has expanded this success to other channels like Facebook enabling their viewers to suggest things to blend. One of my favourites was a request to blend Justin Bieber CDs and DVDs, it currently has almost 3 million views. Don’t ask me why… 😉

For this week’s “Video of the Week” I’ve selected a classic “Will it Blend” – Glow Sticks!

What would you blend? Let us know in the comments below and you may just get your wish!

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