Top 10 Most Unique and Creative Marketing Campaigns of 2013 – At Least We Think So!

It’s that time of year when all the roundup posts come out with the best of this and the best of that. But, at Brendan & Brendan we do things a little different.

Who’s really to judge what the best of anything is? There are many campaigns that fly under the radar of big press, doesn’t make them any less successful. It all really depends on whether or not it worked for the community of people it was designed for. ROI is what you make of it.

So this year we wanted to take a look at unique and creative marketing campaigns, some of which are big press, others just simply perfect for their demographic. We can learn a lot from thinking outside the box and taking big risk for big success, we talk about it on the blog all the time.

Here are 10 marketing campaigns that we feel fit the bill (in no particular order).

1. The Warner Sound Captured by Nikon at SXSW 2013 by MMW


This year during SXSW Interactive, Film and Music Festival, Nikon randomly selected a handful of attendees and they were given Nikon cameras to capture live performances sponsored by the Warner Music Group. These videos were live-streamed online using using the #NikonWarnerSound and through Facebook updates to promote the events. More than 500,000 people watched the live stream, with average viewing times of 11 minutes, that’s five times greater than the industry average of 2 minutes.

2. Why Should Cookies Have All The Fun? by Collective Bias for Tyson Foods

Although this campaign began in 2012 it continued to drive engagement for months longer and Tyson Foods fans are still going at it strong this year for the holidays.

So what exactly happened? Tyson Foods challenged mommy bloggers to create whimsical holiday creations with their chicken nuggets by decorating them as snowmen, Christmas trees, reindeer and asked them to share their creations across all their social networks. In a matter of weeks shelves at grocery stores across America were cleared out of their stock of Tyson Foods chicken nuggets and generated more than 8 million impressions on the social web – Twitter, Facebook, blogs and YouTube – beating the initial goal by 70%!

3. Coca-Cola Sharing Can

Absolutely brilliant! Coca-cola has done it again. Over the past few years the Coca-cola brand has continued to defy the rules of the social web with its “Open Happiness” campaign through means of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TV ads, creative stunts and pranks, pop-up shops, and a complete overhaul of their corporate website. They have generated billions yes billions of views, likes, and follows, and built one of the most impressive social footprints in recent times. This year they took  “Open Happiness” to the next level with this clever “Sharing Happiness” tagline. Based on customer feedback they created a can, as seen in the video above, that can be shared with a friend, loved one, or a complete stranger by twisting it in half. Man I want one of those cans!

4. Game of Thrones Season 3

Enter the dragon. Ok, so if you’re not a Game of Thrones fan like myself and a few others around the office this may not necessarily tickle your fancy, but there is no denying it isn’t supremely unique and creative.

Earlier this year HBO went all out to get fans revved up for Game of Thrones Season 3, premiering March 31st 2014, with dragons! This simple but brilliant transmedia campaign had people literarily searching the skies for dragons. As seen below, HBO printed dragon silhouettes in newspapers, on the side of the HBO building in L.A. and on busses, trains, and billboards.


5. Ikea: Make Small Spaces Big

Ok, it’s a rather bizarre ad, but the agency behind this unique piece of advertising is Mother of New York, and they are known for this particular style. This TV commercial, specifically shot for the UK market, examines how Ikea is changing small spaces with its line of new furniture designed for efficient living. This is perfect for the UK, or anywhere in Europe for that matter, where people are used to living in much smaller quarters than here in North America. This commercial beautifully demonstrates Ikea’s understanding of the everyday challenges people face in their homes.

6. Oreo’s Daily Twist

I’m a huge fan of all things social when it comes to Oreo. They are, in my opinion, one of the few big brands doing it right, and they have lots of fun doing it! I’ve blogged about Oreo’s creative social campaigns before and the Daily Twist certainly takes the cake, or should I say cookie.

Oreo has chronicled everyday of the year with a custom cookie to commemorate that day. You can comment on any image and share them across your social networks.


7. evian: Baby & Me 

There’s very little that evian does that I don’t like. I blogged about the evian Live Young campaign earlier this year, because after all who doesn’t love a cute baby? They’ve been running this campaign for years and the Baby & Me video is just brilliant. This is a brand that really understands its community, has a spectacular narrative, and is always consistent with their simple message, drink evian water and live young!

8. Get Lucky with Durex and Daft Punk

Pictures say a thousand words and in this case they’re a thousand dirty words, but who’s counting. I love this! Durex jumped on the opportunity to leverage the success of Daft Punks record breaking single of the summer “Get Lucky”. I mean seriously, could there be a better tagline for Durex? And let’s face it, the dance club scene is the perfect place to market this type of product 🙂


9. Water is Life “Hashtag Killer”

This is unique, but it was added to the list because this may be one of the most groundbreaking pieces of social good advertising this year.

The Water is Life “Hastag Killer” campaign aims to do something no one has done before, kill a hashtag instead of promote it. You may be familiar with the #firstworldproblems where people bitch about the most random and mundane things like their iPhone crashing, shovelling snow, expensive gas, a tear in their expensive jeans, and so on. Water for Life filmed this video in Haiti and asked people with real problems to recite these hashtags on camera, all sudden they don’t seem so funny anymore.

This campaign garnered world press and in turn raised enough money through donations to provide clean water for over 1 million people this year. So next time something doesn’t go your way think twice before you tweet some random non-sense with #firstworldproblems.

10. Fruit of the Loom Start Happy

This is the perfect campaign to end this post. With a new year around the corner many people will be making change in their life. What bigger change than a new job. Ok, maybe not the biggest change, but impactful none the less.

So to help with this new transition Fruit of the Loom launched a campaign in which it sent messages to users who changed their jobs. The message let them claim a complimentary pair of Fruit of the Loom, because “great-fitting underwear can help you start your workday in a great mood.”

I couldn’t agree more!


So there you have it. Some of the most unique and creative marketing campaigns of 2013, at least we think so. Learn from these great examples and think about how you can take your brand to the next level in 2014. Do something remarkable, make something memorable, and most importantly Keep Marketing Fun!

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