Fun Friday Post – What Were They Thinking?

You know that awkward feeling you get when you see a bad commercial, banner, print, etc, ad and you can’t help but wonder “What were they thinking?”.

Be prepared to have that feeling again! Today’s Fun Friday Post is a roundup of some the worst ads of all time. Enjoy!


Oh man! Can you imagine if Coca-Cola ran an ad like this today? But, at least business would be up for dentists.

Really? This is what you want to tell new parents? Sleeping with your baby can result in a scene from a Jason movie! Who hasn’t had these nights? 

Holy crap! Is Reebok really advocating cheating on your girlfriend is ok as long as you workout with their gear? That’s pretty pathetic. How on earth does this sell shoes?

If your breath smells like socks you’ve got some serious problems that no gum is going to fix!

I’ll let you caption this one on your own – be creative! 🙂

Ok, it’s clever, I’ll give them that, but I really don’t want to fly out of someone’s butt on a roller coaster – it’s just wrong!

Dov Charney, CEO of American Apparel, can keep pulling the “artistic” card every time he comes under fire for the content in their ads, but there is no denying they always go too far. This is not art – it’s soft-core porn! At least this time she doesn’t look like she’s 13 yrs old.

I can’t see how BK would allow this? Not sure if it’s a real ad, but if it is they really need a new VP of marketing, or a really good community manager to defend this.

It’s really quite astonishing what media agencies could get away with in the past. What’s more is that society accepted it as ok. Pretty degrading!

We could go on all day but, we’ll let you google on for further enjoyment. I’ll leave you with this ad from South Africa – it says it all!

Have a great weekend!

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