Video of the Week – Making Awesome Music with a Bicycle

Composer Johnnyrandom takes us on a journey through music and his passion for bicycles.

Brilliant! It’s not the first time we’ve seen a composer create music from objects not intended for creating music. What makes this video particularly unique is Johnnyrandom’s passion for bicycles and music from a young age that eventually inspired and led to this rhythmical genius.

You don’t need to be a music or bike enthusiast to appreciate the creativity and intelligence behind this experiment. When I was a young boy, like Johnnyrandom, I too would attach cards to my bike to hear the sounds of the spokes. I can still remember that feeling of riding into the wind, hearing the chimes of my spokes, and feeling free. This video brought me back to that time in my life when anything was possible. 

Bespoken by Johnnyrandom

Here’s an impressive list of sounds all composed from bicycle parts:

  • Derailleur & brake cables – tuned, bowed, ebowed & picked
  • Tires – hit with mallets, picked, air valves released & inflated
  • Rear derailleur pulleys – engaged, forward & reversed
  • Disc brake rotors – hit with mallets & rubbed together
  • Floor pump – valve head levered, inflated, deflated
  • Saddle and seat post – brushed & finger tapped
  • Front brake calipers – engaged & stopped
  • Chainrings – engaged, forward & reversed
  • Freewheel hub splines – spun & clicked
  • Handlebar – open tubing hit with hands
  • Shoes – velcro opened & boa dialed
  • Brake levers – engaged & released
  • Spokes – tuned, bowed & picked
  • SPDll & SPDlll – clipped in & out
  • Chain – grazed with a slide
  • Pedals – spun, hammered
  • Rims – hit with mallets
  • Shifters – clicked

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