Fun Friday Post – Memorable Super Bowl Moments

With Super Bowl XLVIII this weekend we thought it would be fun to look back on some, non game related, Super Bowl FAILS.

Here we go …

Power outage in New Orleans – Super Bowl XLVIII

Since it only happened last year, we can’t forget the moment the Super Bowl went dark for the first time in history and Oreo Cookie’s social team capitalized big time!

“I’m going to Disney World!” – Super Bowl XXI

Phil Simms, New York Giants QB, was the first person in history to say the words “I’m going to Disney World!” after his MVP performance in January 1987. It was the brainchild of Disney CEO Michael Eisner, who paid Simms $75,000 for the ad.

The Super Bowl Ad that Started it all  – Super Bowl XVIII

Super Bowl commercials are the biggest ad spend of the year for any major brand, and each year they get bigger and better. It all began with Apple Computers iconic “1984” commercial directed by Ridley Scott which introduced Apple Computers to the world.

Nipples anyone? – Super Bowl XXXVIII

I don’t think anyone will ever forget when Janet Jackson’s nipple “accidentally” popped out of her dress on stage with Mr. Timberlake 🙂

Christina’s BIG fumble – Super Bowl XLV

This was the second time Christina sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, yet she could not remember the words even though they were on the Jumbotron.

Where’s Barrett Robins? – Super Bowl XXXVII

2 days before the Super Bowl Raiders’ center Barrett Robbins went missing. He was later found in Tiajuana drowning his sorrows away. Apparently he woke up in a manic state days before the Super Bowl, booked a ticket to TJ, and later ended up in a mental ward while his team was blown out by the Bucs.

The Illuminati – Super Bowl XLVIII

I can’t think of a better way to end this post. Controversy seems to follow Beyonce, specifically with the Super Bowl. Just after her controversial lip-sync at the Presidential Inauguration Beyonce flashed, so some say, the Illuminati symbol during her the half-time show. Whaaaa …

Some were saying this dance move is a symbol of the Illuminati, while others claimed it is a symbol used for her husband Jay-Z Carter’s record label, Roc-A-Fella Records. Either way Twitter ate it up!

The controversy didn’t end there.

Soon after an “unflattering photo” of Beyonce hit the social web the meme machine was in full swing. Beyonce had her lawyers remove these photos from as many blogs and social accounts owned by media organizations as possible. She then made a public announcement that no one could take her photo anymore without permission and payment.

Jay-Z is one lucky guy …

So there you have it! Hopefully this weekend will continue to fuel the fire with more juicy controversy. Here’s to tail gates, cheap beer, sausages, painted faces, big foam hands, and athletes and celebrities making fools of themselves!

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