Not Another Post On How To Convert

“My website traffic isn’t converting! What am I doing wrong?”

Here’s the stuff that nobody tells you. Maybe your product isn’t solving a real problem or fulfilling a real need. Maybe your website design is terrible and no consumer would trust you. Maybe your buying cycle is longer than you thought. Don’t despair. It is better to learn your errs now before you pivot and spend more money on marketing efforts with little or no return.

Below is a list of questions for entrepreneurs to ask themselves. If you cannot define the basics with validated data, there is no way of knowing why leads are not converting into sales. As my mother always told me ‘assume’ makes and ASS out of U and ME.

  • Did you validate your problem/solution fit with your target audience?
  • Did you validate your pricing with your target audience?
  • Why are people coming to your site?
  • What content are people engaging with on your site (if not the buy button)?
  • Are you collecting leads through a newsletter or free trial?
  • What is the buying process for your audience?
  • What metric do you need to make a sale?
  • Did you A/B test different designs and messaging?
  • Have you tried a landing page?
  • Have you tried re-targeting advertising?

Conversions are a tricky thing. There could be so many reasons why the sales are not there. Use the questions above as a checklist. If you don’t have the answers, ask your customers. I guarantee the answers will inspire new ideas and marketing strategies. Whatever you do, don’t spend money on a guess. Validate everything first!

Comment below if you have a question – let’s talk conversions!

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About Beth Thouin

Beth Thouin, COO & Partner at Brendan & Brendan is a marketing scientist, speaker and startup mentor with seasoned experience in lean product development, customer validation, inbound marketing and optimization.

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