Video of the Week – Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter Pitch Video

We’re going to show you how the sausage gets made. We are going to take our sausage and shove it in your face, warts and all!”

This week we’re digging through crates to revisit a classic startup video and successful Kickstarter campaign – Double Fine Adventure.

Back in 2012 a small game development studio, Double Fine,  based out of San Francisco set out to create an innovative point and click adventure game. Their efforts were halted by publishers who didn’t get it, or in the words of Double Fine

“sceptical publishers that wouldn’t touch the genre with a ten-foot pole.”

But that didn’t stop them! They decided to sidestep the traditional process by raising funds on their own through crowdsourcing. Kickstarter wasn’t new, founded in 2009, but at the time still considered a last resort with very few successes. Today many startups rely on crowdsourcing to get their projects going before knocking on VC doors. Double Fine was taking a risk, but it was the only shot they had at making this game a reality.

Double Fine decided to take a swing at the industry by pointing out its faults and positioning themselves as creative outsiders. Using humour and concocting a brilliant scheme to build a story around the “making of” or “behind the scenes” look of their Kickstarter campaign and development of the game Double Fine was able to rally community support and raise over $3 million dollars – impressive!

What can other startups or Kickstarter members in specific learn from this? Honesty is your most powerful sales tool!

We’ve discussed this topic in many posts. Being able to poke fun at yourself or you industry, laying it all there for the world to see, and simple genuine honesty goes a long way in building brand equity and most importantly trust. From landing pages to microsites to social engagement the key to success is almost always found in full transparency of a brand or product!

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