Fun Friday Post – The Beard Challenge is On!

We always make fun of the size and grayness of Brendan’s beard. It’s pretty intense and massive. So to take the beard-iness even further, he accepted the beard challenge. Basically, we got to stick all kinds of stuff in his beard and take pics of it. We got downright silly with our choices. Which one’s your favourite?

The Barrettes


Beth brought her daughter’s hair ties, barrettes and hairpins to decorate the beard. The best part might just be the little pink bow forming a tiny little pony tail at the bottom!

The Block Candies – OR – The Attack of the Gummy Bears

Block candy beardgummy-bear-beard

Originally, I was going to have gummy bears building with the blocks, but they wouldn’t stick. So instead, we have a block-candy beard and a gummy bear beard. nomnom

The Puzzle Pieces


These puzzles pieces are like mosaic tiles… and we think Brendan should go around like this everyday! Instant educational fun – in his beard!

The Barrel of Monkeys

barrel of monkeys in a beard

How many monkeys can you hang in your beard? We managed to fit the whole barrel in there!

So which version is your favourite?

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