STOMP OUT with Stinkyboard at Lan ETS

LAN ETS 2012I’m sure you’ve seen us fawning over the Stinkyboard at various times. We like it a hell of a lot. Which is why we’re so lucky that they’re our clients. And now we get to rep the Stinkyboard at Lan ETS tomorrow night.

Lan ETS is the largest LAN party in North America. Over 1000 attendees will be there battling it out at League of Legends, Starcraft, DOTA 2, CS Go, NHL 14, and Super Street Fighter.

Tomorrow we’ll be presenting on behalf of Stinkyboard at midnight. We’ll be showcasing a Stomp Out with the Stinkyboard at the opening ceremonies and we might just have prizes too 😉

Our neighbours, MTL Blog are also gonna be there. Their very own Anchorman will be doing a special gamers edition of his show, and they’ll be putting together an exclusive behind the scenes video that will be available after the event.

So are you gonna get your game on with us and Sinkyboard?

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Leila Nathaniel is a project manager extraordinaire who wants to be reincarnated as a cell in a spreadsheet. She makes a lot of lists and keeps everything running at Horse & Cart Agency in Swiss-style precision. Leila takes pride in managing many of their projects, accounts and even the office. With extensive PR, copywriting, social media and event management experience, she's no one-trick pony.

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