Video of the Week – Anchorman MTL posts up at North America’s largest LAN party!

Don’t let it fool you. It doesn’t stink. But it will help you stink less at gaming!

– Alex Melki Anchorman MTL, MTLBlog

Last Friday the Brendan & Brendan team headed out to LanETS, North America’s largest LAN party, to help support our clients Stinkyboard with the launch of their product at the event.

lanets2014mtlblog-104-of-115To say the event was a success is an understatement!

In less than 48hrs we put together an event plan for the opening ceremony at LanETS that included swag sponsors TOUCHEZ and Urban Energy Drink. We led a head to head Starcraft battle on stage featuring pro gamer KsSiTuaTioN from Team Killing Spree. We gave away over 50 Stinkyboards and 100s of Tees. And, yours truly took the stage for a live Twitch.Tv broadcast repping the all mighty power of the Stinkyboard.

To top it all off MTLBlog covered the event with a special gamers edition of Anchorman MTL.

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