Fun Friday Post – 7 Things Interns Can Expect at Brendan & Brendan

Hi, My name is Josh.

I’m a drop-in intern at Brendan & Brendan for the day. I’ve worked in marketing before, but it hasn’t been anything like what I’ve seen here during my first day. I learned about Brendan & Brendan when co-founder Brendan Sera-Shriar spoke at the John Molson Marketing Association’s Creative Marketing Conference last Friday.

When he offered to let students visit the office and see how they do things I couldn’t resist. Here are a few of the things I’ve been working on with fellow intern Katie Patrick today…

1) An SAQ run – it’s not Friday if there’s no beer and hard liquor in the office 


2) Somehow being talked into footrest duty


3) Making Coffee – there are no secretaries here, so that’s where we come in!


4) We still aren’t sure how many interns it takes to screw in a lightbulb. You might say we’re in the dark on that one.


5) For some reason this computer wouldn’t turn on


6) Interns need to earn their keys at Brendan & Brendan – this is how we get to work


7) And that’s only the beginning…

For marketing students with a keen interest in working in a creative industry that’s changing faster than Craigslist’s ‘For Sale’ ads, the offer of stopping by for the day to help the team out and learn is a standing one.

Happy Friday : – )


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