Fun Friday Post – What Your St. Pat’s Drink Says About You

One of our lovely interns, Katie also bartends at the Old Orchard pub, is a veteran of two St. Patrick’s days behind the bar. Given that this weekend is the parade/day to wear green, we’d like to know what your average Irish pub bartender thinks of your St. Paddy’s Day orders.

irish coffee

Irish Coffee
Jameson and Irish Mist drizzled on top of the whipped cream.
Keeping it classy. This breakfast of champions keeps you warm and it’s super creamy and delicious.


Black & Tan
Smithwicks with a good old Guinness.
This definitely isn’t your first rodeo – or second for that matter. Ordering a black and tan is basically declaring yourself as the grumpy old man at the bar. Tell us a war story, bro!


The classic; you’re having a pretty basic weekend.

black velvet

Black Velvet
Guinness and cider.
Trendy. This comes and goes. Not your basic Irish drink, a yuppie staple. Lots of green polo shirts order this drink. Where’s YOUR alligator?

snake bite

Snake Bite
Lager (typically Harp), cider with the optional black currant liqueur. With or without Cassis.
A very girly beer cocktail, so if you’re a dude who values your machismo, a snake bite might not be your first pick.


Nutty Irishman
Bailey’s and Frangelico topped with whipped cream.
This is an adventurous drink; most folks aren’t hip to the Nutty Irishman. But it’s an easy crowd pleaser.


Irish Carbomb
Dump a shot of Bailey’s into a pint of Guinness. Don’t forget about the shot of Jamieson’s floating on that Guinness, though.
You’re a douche-bro. Makes a huge mess, and you will spend the whole weekend sticky. It’s also gross: the Bailey’s curdles if you don’t drink it fast enough.


Timeless as anything. Bushmills, Jameson, Tullamore Dew, your choice. A topshelf St. Patty’s for you! This is not the day for Scotch, fancypants!

Assassination Attempt
Jager-bomb, Irish car bomb (see above) and a tequila shot all in one. And don’t forget the lemon.
You’re on a total rager. You don’t even want to know what you did this weekend.

Judge as they may, don’t forget to tip your servers!

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