On Governance – This Is How Brendan & Brendan Do It

After covering the tactical side of things in other blog posts, I figured it was time to talk about how we govern ourselves at Brendan & Brendan.

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round TableWhat’s the difference between governance and tactical meetings?

Governance meetings are about how the team rules itself, whereas tactical meetings are about how the team rules the day. If tactical is about who will do what and when, governance is how we do things, when we do them, and why.

What is governance?

For us governance means how the team chooses to align ourselves, our goals and our work habits to one another in a cohesive manner. Each of us work differently, and governance meetings allow us to address tensions before they become problems and interfere with our work. Governance is also where we deal with the consequences of uncompleted or late work, how to adhere to deadlines, what takes precedence over what, and review the team’s performance on a team and individual level.

These are regular meetings that take a couple of hours every so often that help us all move forward in the same direction. Instead of the team all doing different things in different directions, we can all be in the same direction and move faster as a single unit.

What does governance achieve?

Governance allows the team to streamline our work and how we work together. It ensures we all are working toward the same milestones and goals. It keeps the team together, makes sure we don’t have issues with each other, and sometimes makes sure we can have a laugh together. We used to achieve this with a 3pm dance party, but we’re not really great dancers. This is less intrusive to the rest of the office, and really allows us to bond professionally in a way better way than trust falls.

This is also the place where we discover new skills in each other. For example, until we adopted holacracy, no one knew I used to study film and was once not a bad video editor. Now that we have adopted this system, I’ve taken on a more creative role than before. Now instead of only working on account management, timelines, meeting minutes and Gantt charts, I also get to work in creative direction, copywriting, social media and community management, editing, as well as video production and editing. I really get to exercise and embrace the creative side of marketing in a multitude of ways.

How we govern internally

Governance meetings start with an agenda of what we will speak about and what we intend to govern. This is where we sort out the internal workings of the business. This is where company financials, HR decisions and determining whether to fire clients are discussed. We also talk about what new clients to bring in, business development, company goals and special projects here. This is where we sow the seeds of ideas before they become executable tasks.

We govern in a round-table style, where each of us can go around addressing issues of note to them. This is a place of healthy debate, respect and compromise. By airing and debating our concerns, we are able to defend whether they are real or imagined problems, address worries that may not be useful worries and figure out the team’s goals for the short and long-term.

Short-term goals might include business development goals, efficiency goals, or events coming soon, whereas long-terms goals are more on the events, activities, and internal marketing side of things.

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