Video of the Week – Foot Locker’s Week of Greatness Ad from 2013

Yes, I realize it is 2014, but recently I was reminded by a friend about this classic Foot Locker Ad from 2013 – so perfectly executed!

Last November Foot Locker ran a campaign entitled “Week of Greatness”, there was nothing really great about the the promo itself, new gear at discounted prices, but their TV spot was brilliant. Playing on greatness they looked at professional failures – the opposite of greatness 🙂 –  in this spoof TV commercial with cameos from Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman, and Craig Sager to name a few.

The concept behind the ad

Kyrie Irving (NBA Allstar) is fantasizing how all the world’s wrongs can be written right with the release of premium shoes from Foot Locker. The commercial itself makes no sense, but its simple humour earned mass hype mostly due to Mike Tyson giving Evander Holyfield his ear back after 16 years and hugging it out. 

Not sure if Foot Locker has anything planned for this year, but last year will be tough to top.

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