MTL Startup Jobs – A Special Project by Brendan & Brendan

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We believe in giving back! This is a FREE service for employers and job hunters.

Recently I came across a post on Facebook by a known Montreal Startup community leader complaining about the lack of resources in Montreal to help job hunters find work with startups. Of course this is not just a problem for people looking to get an in with startups, job hunting in general is difficult and most BIG job sites today are overwhelming and, in my humble opinion, poorly thought out in terms of user flow/experience.

Like most of us in the industry, be it service or software, if we have a job or run a company we always get asked the question “are you hiring?”. Not to mention the inevitable question on many a MTL Facebook community page “Hi, I’m new to Montreal and looking for …” or “I just left company x and I’m looking for …”.

With our recent launch of Bootstrap❤Love we thought, why not throw another hat into the startup arena? After all, we’re a part of this community and so are many of our clients.

Our motto at Brendan & Brendan is Keep Marketing Fun. With that in mind we thought why not Keep Job Hunting Simple! Why should it be difficult? Why can’t the community rely on a single point to find and post startup, or any entrepreneurial, jobs? The answer is simple. Of course they can, but somebody needs to build it and we figured, why not us.

Our goal, beyond helping the community, is to begin a movement towards re-defining what a job site is. We wanted to design and develop something that was super easy to use, understand, and navigate. We also understand that most companies don’t have time to devote to a lengthy-post-a-job process especially when on major job sites a local Montreal position can be easily buried. We wanted to create a hyperlocal job engine for our community by our community. With feedback from both the job hunters and employers we’ll continue to iterate MTL Startup Jobs in an effort to give people what they want Job Hunting and Posting Made Simple!

This is a FREE service for job hunters and employers. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback please reach out to us at

I’ll leave you with this inspirational quote:

“Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” –Thomas Jefferson

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