Fun Friday Post – B&B Road Trip to WordCamp Ottawa

B&B Road TripBrendan’s giving a talk about building responsive WordPress themes on Foundation. So, we decided to take Brendan & Brendan on the road. This morning we packed our bags into the rental car (two people missing toothbrushes) and we embarked on a trip to Ottawa.

Here are 10 things we learned while on the road:

  1. B&B road trip - on the roadYou should play “Geography” to pass the time. We’ve been playing since we hit the Quebec/Ontario border and the game could have gone on for a long time. The rules of the game are that everyone takes turns naming geographic entities (countries, cities, regions, mountain ranges, rivers, etc.) but the first letter must match the last letter of the previous person’s.
  2. Leila and Harris know their Middle Eastern food, so when we stopped at a fast food shawarma place, it was cool to hear them discuss, with much Falafel bros!seriousness, the alarmingly neon color of the pickled beets, how falafels are often a hit or miss, and the worrisome tendency of microwaving food on styrofoam plates. Also the option of choosing regular, large and extra large sized shawarma rolls. Think literally three times the amount of choice you would find in Montreal. Opinions are divided on whether this is a blessing or a curse.
  3. Driving in Ottawa is very stressful, or maybe it’s just Leila.
  4. Leila has a drinkWhat’s everyone’s drink of choice? Sweet Laura likes her alcohol sweet and in reasonable doses. The other girls aren’t that picky, a nice glass of white will do. There were talks earlier in the day of bourbon from Brendan, Drew, and Harris, but it seems most have settled for some Dutch and Belgian beer.
  5. Harris used to do dangerous car stunts in Abu Dhabi. We now call him “Ghost Rider.”
  6. Brendan used to be a Reiki master.
  7. Laura is obsessed with board games.B&B road trip digs
  8. Leila and Vivien know who Robert Mapplethorpe is and regret it deeply.
  9. I am part Native even though I don’t look like it.
  10. Drew remains a mystery, as he wasn’t in the car with us. He has his own car, a concept foreign to most of us.

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