Fun Friday Post – Facts About our Team

Hi everyone,

It’s Justine again, one of the interns here at Brendan & Brendan.
I was asked to work on an intern orientation package and I added a section entitled: Fun Facts about Employees. I thought I’d share this with you as our Fun Friday Post!

Fun Facts:
ThePoet a.k.a. digibomb: digi is full of fun facts, but we could only choose one, so here you go: digi is actually a published poet.


TheSaint a.k.a. Tully:  Tully ran for the provincial elections for la CAQ and was nicknamed the Colonel.

Tully CAQ

Beth: Beth collects magnets from every place she goes, so soon she’ll need a bigger fridge!

Leila: Leila was employee # 1 at Brendan & Brendan and she used to look like Dora the explorer when she was little.

Moniba: Moniba secretly wishes that she had super powers and would love to see a zombie apocalypse.

Drew: Drew lived in Kanata, so he was able to give us a tour of Ottawa when we went on our Ottawa WordPress road trip!

Linnea: Linnea speaks four languages German, Swedish, English and French.

Vivien:  Viv used to make furniture and her favourite piece is the table below.

Vivien table

Harris: Harris developed his Ghost Riding skills in Abu Dhabi.

Laura: Laura’s father won a trip to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Stephen: Stephen lives in Chateauguay and used to be in band, just like Beth!

Justine: As for myself, I have lived in 10 different cities/towns: St-Georges, St-Aurélie, Squamish, Vancouver, Kuujjuarapik, Montreal, Alexandria in Virginia and Singapore.

Singapore Dragon Boat
In case you were wondering this is Singapore, and I’ll let you guess who I am on this picture 🙂


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