Video of the Week – Salvatore Ferragamo’s “Walking Stories”

We don’t usually talk about luxury brands here at Brendan & Brendan. But this ad is an exception, primarily because it’s not presented as an ad. Salvatore Ferragamo’s “Walking Stories” is an eight-part mini web series. It’s a story of love and adventure by an impossibly quirky and “unintentionally” glamourous heroine (Sarah Campbell, played by Kaya Scodelario). Beautifully shot and art directed to within an inch of its life, the “Walking Stories” short films are almost Felliniesque – and I’ve just lost all of you.

The point is, it’s not a movie – it’s high-end fashion marketing wrapped in a fantastical love story. All of the clothes, shoes, handbags, hats, etc. are provided by the Ferragamo fashion house. All of those beautiful glamourous people on the screen look that way intentionally, and they are meant to make you jealous. I watched the series and felt envy – and that was the point. It’s like a living, breathing fashion spread and I wanted to make the wardrobe mine (never mind that I don’t usually dress that way).

That girl, scribbling on her feet and then wearing $5,000 sandals? That’s on purpose. When she’s running around barefoot, that’s on purpose too – Ferragamo is most widely known for its shoes and leather goods, but most people don’t know about their clothing lines. And this is a great way for the brand to showcase certain collections.

It’s not a film for the masses – it’s highly targeted primarily to young women with wanderlust and expensive taste with a serious appreciation for haute couture. And they do a damned good job of it – they even released each episode a week apart like a TV series. Watch episode one and tell me if it’s not a very clever piece of marketing, a fascinating art piece or actually just a riveting love story:

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