5 Ways to Breakfast – How Not Having Events is Killing Your Business

Keep Marketing Fun - Business Edition introIf you’ve met any of us who work at Brendan & Brendan and you are not already a client, chances are it was probably at an event. We love throwing events. Why? Because it’s like a better version of social media. While we love the blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Flickr, and even being interviewed (see our most recent interview here) nothing beats a little face time and by face time, we mean the, actual in the flesh kind.

Even though we’re a digital agency, and we don’t even meet a certain percentage of our clients face-to-face, throwing events helps us grow our business. Here’s how we leverage our events and you should too:

  1. Helps grow our community:
    All of our growth has been organic. We eat our own dog food, which means we employ the same marketing techniques and strategies that we advise to our clients. Throwing events has been instrumental in introducing us to many business, local and international.
  2. Builds traction:
    Events build social traction and help us build our business… which I’ll get to later. Our social media has grown by leaps and bounds during and after events simply because by throwing events there have actually been things to talk about.
  3. Networking at Keep Marketing Fun - Business EditionProduces new leads:
    This is part of how we build our business. A well-produced and well-timed event shows off our skills as a marketing company. Even if that’s not in your wheelhouse, it helps get your name out, and can show off the capabilities of your team.
  4. Builds company credibility online and offline:
    While you’re getting Tweeted about and Instagrammed, you’re gaining social proof – basically digital credibility. It shows that you’re real and that other real people have met you. It’s always nice not to be mistaken for a bot ;). But even more than that, it’s so much easier to connect with people IRL instead of being a disembodied voice or floating head on a screen!
  5. Attendess of Keep Makreting Fun - Business EditionInforms clients about our products and services:
    Your audience might not be captive, but if they came to your event, you definitely have their attention. This is a great way to show off your best side and announce new changes and even gain potential user feedback.

So when are you throwing your next event? Invite us! Want to know more about our events? Check them out here!

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