Fun Friday Post – Some of Our Favourite Funny Habs Playoff Moments of 2014

There will be no game 7. But, it’s OK! We had a great season and playoff run. In honour of our boys we take a look back at some funny 2014 playoff moments. Regretfully there are none from the Tampa series – there’s nothing funny about being swept in round 1 🙂

Round 1 Practice – Ryan White trips Michel Therrien

Not much to say here other than LOL!

Round 2 Game 6 Montreal vs. Boston – Caught on Tape

Bergeron and Suban were mic’d up during this game and when Suban took Begeron down with a semi-dirty hit he apologized saying “I thought you were Marchy (Marchand)”.

Begeron: “Come on, man. Don’t do that. Hey?! Seriously, buddy”
Suban: “What’d I hit your head?”
Bergeron: “You know you did”
Suban: “I didn’t mean to. I thought you were Marchy”

Also in game 6 with less than a a few minutes to go, an all out scrum brawl ensued and fans started throwing litter on the ice at Milan Lucic.

Round 2 Game 7 Montreal vs. Boston – Bear Skins and Litter

After the Habs took the Bruins in game 7 with a 4-0 score advancing to round 3, fans hit the streets of Montreal carrying bear skins.

And here’s some crazy video from the streets of Montreal that night…

The Jimmy Fallon Bet

Pre-round 3 the Montreal Canadiens, through their official Twitter account, proposed a bet to Jimmy Fallon. It took a few hours and few tweets, but Jimmy finally accepted.

The bet: If the Rangers win the series, a picture of Jimmy Fallon will be the Canadiens’ Twitter avatar for a day. If the Habs win the series, Fallon must sport a Canadiens jersey during one of his late-night television monologues.

Unfortunately we lost… 😦

Round 3 Game 5 Practice – Michel Therrien Confronts Rangers Assistant Coach

The video is a bit long, but if you love hockey, and are specifically a Habs fan, you’ll enjoy watching Therrien tell the Rangers’ Assistant Coach Ulf Samuelsson to leave the arena while they practice. If you listen carefully, you can hear Therrien say “F’off!”.

At 1:58min of the video, there’s an interview with Michel Therrien where he discusses “gentlemen’s agreements”.

Round 3 Game 6 Montreal vs. New York – “the Mask of Dustin”

We may have lost this game, but it was a great 1st period of hockey for both teams: fast paced, lots of shots, good defence and great goal tending. With about 9mins to go and a 0-0 score, New York cuts through our defence and fires off a hard shot blocked by Tokarksi’s head – yes his head! After the whistle, he needed a few minutes to get a new helmet 🙂 Funny thing is, later in the game during the 3rd period, Lundqvist did the same thing.

As a longtime Habs fan I’m super proud of les boys! We had a great season and a better than expected playoff run. We swept Tampa in round 1, we took out Boston in round 2, and forced a game 6 in round 3 after a terrible start against New York. The last few years have proven we have everything it takes to be a cup-winning team – it will happen sooner than later!

I’ll leave you with this motivating Habs video, 2015 is our year!

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