Video of the Week – Maytag “What’s Inside Matters”

In an age of brand transparency, loyalty, and nostalgia, Maytag hits the nail on the head with their latest campaign appropriately titled, “What’s Inside Matters.” Appliance commercials generally advertise their products as having a long lifespan – even if their ads don’t. However, Maytag’s new commercials feature a miniseries of tongue-in-cheek clips that effectively mix elements from the old Maytag classics with a sharp 2014 aesthetic.

We all remember Maytag’s lonely repairman who became synonymous with the brand, dating all the way back to the 60’s. In his iconic blue Maytag uniform, he personified Maytag with his coy approaches to coping with his reliably slow workdays. The new videos show Maytag man 2.0, sitting in place of various appliances, assuming their workloads while simultaneously addressing the camera. He plugs funny, real life cleaning travesties (read: cornflakes drying into cement flakes on dishes), with product info for a relatable and informative narrative. After his spiel, the magic of television (a quick cut) turns the Maytag man back into whatever appliance he was embodying.

Bravo. What we see here is an unmistakable clin d’oeil back to the humour, imagery, and qualities associated with this longstanding brand. Why reinvent the wheel when you can amp-up the existing one? These commercials remind the consumer that the same, trustworthy faces of Maytag live on within its products, all the while maintaining that same Maytag tone. It’s frank, assertive, and funny.

From a visual perspective, the disconnection between the ridiculousness of a human oven and the mundane, unphased tasking of the surrounding family creates the bulk of the laughs. The lighting is atypical, emulating the harshness of a single bulb, or window, really whatever sources of light would naturally hit your appliance. It’s clever. Two thumbs up for an old favourite. And food for thought, could we be staring at the face of the new Maytag man?!

To be continued…

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