Beth ‘the Coo’ Thouin Flies the Nest

Beth Thouin


‘Parting is such sweet sorrow’ ~ William Shakespeare

It is with a heavy heart that I announce my departure from Brendan & Brendan today to pursue a life of skincare and data (more on that later on). What can I say? For just over a year, I’ve had the pleasure of working with this fine team of industry experts, creatives and clients from around the globe. We’ve turned ideas into action, arguments into genius work, and genuinely helped companies achieve their goals.

To Brendan and Brendan (literally, the two guys) – you have a passion and drive to deliver the right kind of marketing creative to companies in a way I have never seen before. Your eclectic experiences and unique characters collide into what I can only describe as an unstoppable powerhouse. It was an honour to stand beside you and help grow this company.

To the team, it has been such a pleasure working with you. Morning sprints, last minute power meetings, outdoor lunches and after hours chats will be missed. Continue on the path of resilience! #holacracyalltheway

And so, as hard as it is to leave the best place in the world to work, my hankering for startup marketing beseeches me. I will be heading user acquisition at Vain Pursuits.

If you haven’t heard of this exciting startup already, Vain Pursuits is a unique startup that leverages data (your data!) to offer customized skin care to women and men. Exciting times ahead!

To commemorate my time with The Brendans, here is a list of the Top Ten Things I’ll Miss Most About Brendan & Brendan!

10. Triple BBB fist pumping

9. Being a mom to Nat

8. Watching the interns grow like weeds!

7. Drew’s digefied comebacks

6. Singing ‘Want to Build a Snowman’ with Moni

5. Skype messages from Leila (you know what I mean girl 😉

4. #BethSmash

3. Tully’s spontaneous guitar jams

2. Digibomb’s ad hoc rapping

1. Most of all, my family who is ‘The Brendans’

My highest esteem,


Keep Marketing Fun!

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