Fun Friday Post: “Close Quarters”, tales from urbania

As many of our friends, clients, and readers are aware, Brendan & Brendan has changed offices. Our new space is open, comfortable, and uninhibited, and to our new knowledge, so are some of our new neighours. In light of this recent exposure, we’ve decided to anonymously share a few quick stories where privacy has appeared…  secondary. *Warning* some stories may contain cheekiness.

fat naked guy from the TV show “Friends”

1. “In my new apartment, all my north-facing windows match up almost perfectly with the next building over. My neighbours appeared to be a cool younger couple so we normally just smiled and left well enough alone. That said, I hadn’t seen them for what felt like a few weeks and was beginning to get adventurous. Let’s just say that one evening my luck ran out on a late-night trip to the fridge. The situation went from 1. leisurely stroll, 2. dear in headlights, 3. olympic sprinter.”

2. “Shopping in Montreal can mean interacting with some pushy retail salespeople. In this case, I was shopping for clothing and being helped by a worker who was commission-based. After an eternity of sending everything back to the floor, her new approach was to try to fix the clothes that wouldn’t fit by forcing them to fit. Privacy apparently didn’t matter as she barged into the fitting room at will. She was going to make this sale, Dammit! Needless to say, a couple tugs too many meant showing some innocent eyes things they probably weren’t bargaining on seeing.”

3. “Sometimes living too close to your neighbours blurs the lines between what’s mine and what’s theirs. This was especially true for one neighbour with a green thumb and little patience. Her garden is always meticulously kept, which can’t always be said about ours. Recently, we’ve caught her sneaking onto our property to dig in our gardens, trim the trees, and rearrange the flowers after sundown. Instead of intervening, we just let her be because it’s so hilarious. And to be quite honest, it’s free yard work!”

Ah, city life.

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