Ushering in, Horse & Cart


Following the announcement in our newsletter,  Brendan & Brendan will be officially changing its name to Horse & Cart.

Are we horsing around? Not one bit! As you’ll glean from this introductory post, this is a move that’s been in works for some time, and one that we’re not only fantastically excited about but in practical terms one that better reflects the direction of our company.

Welcome to our next chapter.

To address any “what?” “why?” “huh?” “how?” or even “nooooooo!”s you might have related to the rebrand, we’ve also put together more formal, more beautiful summary of the Horse & Cart cause right here.

So, why the change you ask? Brendan & Brendan has grown a lot. Not just in the number of people but the very scope of our mission. Thinking back to the “making of” snapshot of the company, it just was two guys, passionate about producing top quality marketing, keeping it fun, and fixing the tired, broken patterns that have become, unfortunately the standard in the industry. Though these values haven’t changed, the internal composition of the company definitely has. We are now a proud team of seven lucky full-time marketing creatives and a trusted consortium of part-time and freelance collaborators. Our brand new space accommodates this expansion and as our team grows, so do our capabilities.

After two formative years of successful projects and collaborations we’ve had a chance to showcase what is truly exceptional about our company. As we move to new offices, embark on new, much larger projects and expand the team we have reflected on what that represents for us. Partly, it has been to focus more on the core of what we do, and through a process of discovery we fixed upon two simple terms to describe what we do – Strategy and Execution. Following precisely the kind of counsel we give our clients, we found these perfect pillars upon which to pivot our businessIt’s what we love, and what we’ve become known for. Horse & Cart encapsulates this precision and and our belief in what effective, quality marketing is about.

The name, as it suggests, is drawn from that critical old adage “the cart pulling the horse” – the very critique our very product or service-focused CEOs would throw down when our marketing efforts seemed to take a leadership role. Marketing is a driving force that propels what was once just an idea or sitting product. Marketing is no longer an elective add-on or end point. Without strategic and well-executed marketing, your goods may never make it to the market. We’re here to change that.

And what of the team?  We’re pleased to have found, retained and grown a fantastically talented roster of creatives that share in the promise of this next chapter. As Horse & Cart reflects the diversity and talent of this team it also provides an important departure for us as a truly team-driven brand.

For our clients, nothing changes. As we refine our focus and continue our upward on our trajectory, we look to expand our relationship and continue to work alongside some of the most inspiring technology and lifestyle product and service companies anywhere

And what of Brendan & Brendan?
While this will remain a well-guarded secret for now, the Brendan & Brendan brand does not die here. Our devious plot will be revealed in the coming months, but suffice to say no one who knows us well will be very surprised by what this founding trademark will become. 


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