An Epic WordPress Migration Gives a Face Lift

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Many months of hard work and collaboration have culminated in an epic migration to WordPress Multisite and a design refresh of

About 7 months ago Redbooth joined our family of clients and it has been an exciting and wild ride! Initially we were tasked with helping their marketing team design and develop a handful of landing page campaigns to help with their brand pivot from Teambox to Redbooth. Our relationship quickly grew and so did our mandate. What began with a series of simple landing pages turned into, what we call, the “Epic Migration” of their web portals from Harmony CMS to WordPress Multisite.

I won’t bore you with all the sticky details that led us down the rabbit hole of sys-admin, IT, data migration, content audits, custom theme and plugin(s) design and development, and a long list of migration to-do’s and challenges. Sufficed to say, we made it!

With a new web architecture in place and WordPress humming along we are only now at the beginnings of helping Redbooth re-define their brand story through design and code. With this comes the first of many steps – a new home page for


Working in collaboration with Redbooth’s marketing and executive team in California and their development team in Spain we were tasked with a re-design of the home page. This is the first of many steps that will breathe new life into what is already an award winning online collaboration tool.


The real challenge was technology. Over the past few months we’ve developed a workflow with their team in terms of communication and process. Our biggest challenge was helping their development team in Spain migrate from Harmony CMS to WordPress Multisite.

WordPress Multisite, in particular, was new for their team. And having their platform, Redbooth, run along side within the same architecture posed many challenges. As with any new project the best way to get off on the right foot was to put together a solid plan.

Before we even began thinking about a new design, it was crucial that we devise a strategic, step-by-step, plan of attack. We began with exporting data from their current system, which required some custom plugin design to import it into WordPress – there is no Harmony importer! Then we needed to replicate the current site UI/UX in a WordPress theme. Our biggest challenge here was moving from a static Harmony CMS Bootstrap theme to a dynamic WordPress Foundation theme – not easy!

Then began the process of determining what content stays, what goes, and what needs to be created. We spent a few months helping them re-organize all their content and formulate a new sitemap for

Of course I’m skipping over a few steps for the sake of this post, but the entire process from start to launch took nearly 3 months. Which brings us to the new facelift.

Working with their marketing and product development team we sat down with our designers and began the collaborative process of re-imagining the “home page”.

We’re excited about the future with many new designs for other pages and portals that are currently in progress and can’t wait to see all of our visions come to light as Redbooth continues to re-define their story – of course we’ll keep you posted 🙂


Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 11.31.50 AMWe developed the site using ThemeFortress’s WordPress Reverie theme built on ZURB’s lightweight Foundation framework. Thinking mobile first, we ensured that the site is fully responsive for the ultimate experience on any device or screen. Taking Reverie to the next level we integrated a ton of custom features for end-user management.

Check it out and tell us what you think.

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